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Sales units are the measure in this example. The query partitions the data by country and forms the measure cells consisting of product and year combinations. The three rules specify the following: Total sales of ProductA in 2005 are forecast as the sum of ProductA sales in the years 2003 and 2004. Total sales of ProductB in the year 2005 are forecast to be the same as the sales in 2004. Total product sales in 2005 are computed as the sum of the ProductA and ProductB sales in 2005. Here s the output generated by using the preceding SQL statement with the MODEL clause: COUNTRY PRODUCT YEAR SALES ----------------------------------------------------Mexico ProductA 2002 2474.78 Mexico ProductA 2003 4333.69 Mexico ProductA 2004 4846.3 Mexico ProductA 2005 9179.99 Mexico ProductB 2002 15215.16 Mexico ProductB 2003 29322.89 Mexico ProductB 2004 81207.55 Mexico ProductB 2005 81207.55 Mexico All_Products 2005 90387.54 Canada ProductA 2002 2961.3 Canada ProductA 2003 5133.53 Canada ProductA 2004 6303.6 Canada ProductA 2005 11437.13 Canada ProductB 2002 22161.91 Canada ProductB 2003 45690.66 Canada ProductB 2004 89634.83 Canada ProductB 2005 89634.83 Canada All_Products 2005 101071.96 The SELECT clause first retrieves the product, year, and sales data for the two countries (Mexico and Canada) and feeds it into the MODEL clause. The MODEL clause takes this raw data and rearranges it into a multidimensional array, based on the values of the PARTITION BY (country) and DIMENSION BY (product and year) clauses. After the MODEL clause creates the array, it applies the three formulas listed under the RULES clause to the data. It finally produces the resulting row data, after ordering it by country, product, and year. Note that the MODEL clause shows the original table or view data, as well as the new data that the MODEL clause has calculated.

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As companies grow, it becomes important to be able to share information among multiple databases and applications. Disparate information sharing technologies add to the burden of effectively replicating data. The Oracle Streams feature provides a single unified solution for information sharing across the enterprise. When you use Oracle Streams, each unit of information is called an event, and you share these events in a stream. A stream routes specified information to specified destinations. The Oracle Streams feature captures changes occurring in the database, using both the active and archived redo logs. Streams capture these changes and store them in queues, after proper formatting. Streams then propagate these changes to other databases and apply them to the target databases.

Note If you add the PS1 variable to your .cshrc file (I explain how to do this later in the Customizing Your Environment section), every time you open a new shell, it ll have your customized prompt. The ability to change the prompt is useful if you re managing many different databases via UNIX. You can amend the prompt to reflect the database you re working on at any given time. For example, when you re working in an inventory system, the prompt can display invent>. That way, you won t accidentally execute a command in the wrong database.

The dc utility is another arbitrary-precision calculator, and it works much like bc. Its main distinction lies in its use of reverse Polish notation.2 dc uses a stack to store numbers; evaluating a number pushes it onto the stack, and the operations pop their arguments off the stack and push the result back onto the stack. For shell scripting purposes, I have not used

In the current version of C++/CLI, as well as C#, the explicit call to PrepareConstrainedRegions and the try...finally block are necessary to reduce the likelihood of a stack overflow during a critical phase. However, PrepareConstrainedRegions definitely has its limits. Since the managed stack is implemented based on the native stack, a stack overflow that occurs while the native function XYZConnect is executed ends up in a managed StackOverflowException. PrepareConstrainedRegions is not able to determine the stack space required by the call to the native XYZConnect function. To take a native function into account, PrepareConstrainedRegions can only guess a value.

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